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Framework Contract for Logistic Provider/ Transport Services

In the Western Balkans, as elsewhere in Europe, the last few years have been affected by strong disinformation linked to the Covid epidemic. More recently, Russia's invasion in Ukraine seems to have intensified the influence and disinformation campaigns waged by both local and foreign interests. 

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March, 18, at 8.00 p.m.

Ethiopian media Support, Train, Protect & Value (Journalism in a sensitive context)

The Ethiopia Media Support project aims to strengthen the training skills of the media self-regulation body Ethiopian Media Council (EMC), to cement its legitimacy and credibility within the media sector, where it works to promote the freedom of the press and guarantee that journalists take ethics

call for quotation
February 9th 2024 at [8:00 PM] (GMT+01:00 Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid).

Call for quotations - Provision of expertise in Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and fact-checking in the Western Balkans

The Balkan Expressions 2 project aims to strengthen young people's participation in regional dialogue by supporting their media and digital expression and combating misinformation.

The project focuses on 2 major axes:

  • Reinforcing Media and Information Education for young audiences, to enable
Call for quotations
17th of December 2023 at 8:00pm (GMT+01:00 Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid)

Appel à devis - Terra Africa

O projeto Terra Africa, implementado pela CFI, tem como objetivo apoiar os meios de comunicação locais na África Ocidental para melhor cobrir as questões das mudanças climáticas. Terra Africa é co-financiado pelo MEAE através do mecanismo do Fundo de Solidariedade para Projetos Inovadores (FSPI) e

Apple à devis
23 octobre 2023 à 23:59 GMT