Promote investigative journalism within communities that covers issues related to daily life
Make the media more independent and help it prevent the spread of disinformation
Turn media outlets into forums for interaction for local initiatives, with the aim of reducing tensions between individuals, communities and public authorities
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Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine all currently face similar challenges in terms of social cohesion.

As the media propagates values while giving citizens a sense of identity, it can be a powerful tool to enact social change and ease tensions in the Middle East. The global challenge of eradicating fake news is also significant in this region.

The regional QARIB project is funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and supports media outlets operating in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine in order to boost social cohesion, promote the integration of communities and women in particular, and encourage public debate.

Project beneficiaries

  • Media outlets and journalists from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine
  • Civil society organisations and authorities Citizens from all four countries
Project manager
Hamza Dridi

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Bring media outlets and their audiences closer together

-Training journalists, agents of change, on how to cover specific topics aimed at improving social cohesion and on innovative formats to make this content appealing;
-Funding proposed thematic content that promotes social cohesion;
-Awarding thematic prizes for the best content produced.

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Feed into the debate on local news and gain a better understanding of public expectations

-Initiating studies and organising feedback meetings between the various stakeholders in the media ecosystem;
-Organizing public debates to promote a dialogue between citizens, the media and authorities.

Strengthen trust in the media and the news

-Identifying and sharing initiatives for verifying information;
-Raising awareness of source verification among young people, and of advocacy among media outlets and authorities.

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Support the sustainability of independent media and citizen-friendly journalism

-Consolidating the business models of certain media outlets;
-Supporting local media development stakeholders and incubators.

Encourage the sharing and dissemination of good journalistic practices at regional level

-Sharing of working practices
-Sharing of content

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