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Couverture Institutional brochure

Institutional brochure

CFI — Canal France International — supports the journalists and citizens working for independent news, all over the world. Its aim is to optimise skills and media content to provide verified, reliable and diverse information.

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Couverture Acting to en sure fact-checking

Acting to en sure fact-checking

The manipulation of information is deemed to be a major factor contributing to instability and social unrest in a growing number of countries. CFI strives to ensure the production of reliable, fact-checked news in all its projects...

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Couverture acting to en gender equality

Acting to en gender equality

The media play a role in transmitting values and representing identities. CFI has chosen to make gender equality a priority. In order to strengthen the role of women in political and economic debates and within media outlets, the...

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Couverture Acting to raise eco logical awareness

Acting to raise eco logical awareness

In light of climate emergency and its irreversible consequences for our planet, CFI raises awareness among journalists as to their role in sounding the alarm bells on this issue. The agency also helps them to produce content...

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Couverture Acting for a citizen-centric world

Acting for a citizen-centric world

Freedom of expression via an independent media is a crucial part of politics and society of both states and regions, with the media providing a much-needed service to the people. The media help citizens make an informed opinion...

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Couverture CFI at work

CFI at work

CFI works to foster media development in Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia and the Balkans. We support media players to foster dialogue between local authorities and citizens, to ensure that people gain the best possible...

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Couverture better information for a better tomorrow

Better information for a better tomorrow

Use of artificial intelligence, combating disinformation, climate change, support for media outlets in exile: how can we be better informed in the future?

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Couverture Gender strategy

Gender strategy

As a media development agency, CFI is committed to developing a specific policy to promote equality between women and men, through the adoption of a "gender" strategy.
While the Agency has placed particular importance on gender...

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Couverture representing migration in the media

Representing migration in the media

This participatory study, carried out within the framework of the Dialogues migrations project, was conducted to identify the actors and actresses acting in the media and on migration, to understand and analyze the representations...

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Couverture Portraits


30 journalists from all over the world tell their story. This collection of portraits profiles 30 journalists having benefited from CFI support in the past years. We recount their personal and professional journeys, how they came...

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Couverture journalists insight

Journalists' insight

Dozens of journalists working for international media organisations in Europe, Africa and Asia share their experiences to help young fellow journalists from all over the world to better decipher news information and to develop...