To enable points of view and experiences to be exchanged in order to bring about change in the portrayal of migration in the public arena, particularly with regard to female and child migrants.
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In the public debate, discussions concerning migration and migrant populations that convey positive images are still in the minority. However, they help to combat discrimination against these people and contribute to strengthening social cohesion.

In this context, responsible and ethical media reporting on migration must be supported. Reporting on these global phenomena and disseminating messages on the subject of migrant populations without reproducing certain stereotypes presents an ongoing challenge for the media.

Launched in April 2021, Dialogues Migrations [Dialogues on Migration] contributes to the development of an inclusive public debate to change the way that migration is portrayed in the public arena.

It is important to involve all stakeholders in the dialogue on migrations – citizens, migrants, the media – and to create spaces for everyone to contribute their experiences.
Danila Chiaro, ICMPD - Projet Euromed Migration

Project beneficiaries

- Journalists, influencers
- Journalism students, researchers
- Online media managers
- Civil society stakeholders, experts involved in these fields (associations, research centres, non-governmental organisations, etc.)

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Dialogues Migrations


Participatory study

- Performance of a participatory study covering 16 countries in order to understand and analyse the portrayal of migration in the media and on social networks and to assess the current actions deployed in this field;
- Reproduction and sharing of the findings of the study (experts, civil society, media, public institutions, etc.) during a forum;
- Launch of a communication campaign regarding the findings and trends identified by the study.

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Representing migration in the media

Report on capacity-building initiatives and recommendations

Pilot activities in four countries (The Gambia, Guinea, Niger, Mauritania)

- Training of 80 journalists and bloggers in the balanced handling of issues concerning migration and in the production of content on the subject of migration, particularly regarding the most vulnerable migrant populations (women, minors, minorities);
- Launch of a digital platform allowing for the publication and visibility of content on migration, particularly content produced during the training courses, managed and fed by the AfricTivistes;
- Organisation of regional seminars to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the media when covering migration issues and to allow experiences to be shared with teachers in journalism schools;
- Provision of support to students at journalism schools in the creation and implementation of micro-projects as innovative educational initiatives to be developed.

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 initial training in Senegal

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