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With no resolution to the war sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in sight, Ukrainian journalists continue to be targeted and bear the brunt of the war on two counts, as both citizens and media professionals. Given this situation, the RFI Ukraine project and Yak Vodma (“like being at home” in Ukrainian), jointly organised by France Médias Monde (FMM) and CFI, provides them with support that guarantees the safety of the journalists and their families, together with an environment that is conducive to their continued independent and safe coverage of the conflict.

The aim of the project’s first component, Yak Vdoma, implemented by CFI, is to provide shelter to Ukrainian journalists exiled in Romania and their families by offering them material, financial, logistical and psychosocial support, as well as training and an environment in which these journalists can work.

The second component, jointly implemented by France Médias Monde (FMM) and its subsidiary RFI România, consists of providing Ukrainian content and strengthen the Russian FMM offer, with 17 Ukrainian journalists being hired and trained to produce content that covers the conflict and its regional impact.

Project beneficiaries

- 30 Ukrainian journalists hosted to benefit from grants and training;
- 17 journalists hired and trained to work with RFI.

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Yak Vdoma


Direct assistance for Ukrainian journalists living in exile

- Support to meet personal and professional needs: accommodation (including for families, where applicable), a daily living allowance and a grant for equipment;
- Psychosocial support: referrals to various humanitarian and consular organisations, personalised psychological support.

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“In the current conditions, it was even better than home”

March 16, 2023
Testimony of Julia Fomicheva, Ukrainian journalist who has just spent three months in the Yak Vdoma Residence in Bucharest (Romania).

Call for applications to join the Yak Vdoma residence in Bucharest

March 21, 2023
The Yak Vdoma residence is launching its third call for applications from independent Ukrainian journalists.

Enhancing the editorial and operational abilities of the journalists

- Training on fact-checking and combating disinformation, conflict-sensitive journalism, and digital and physical security;
- Providing extensive coaching to the Ukrainian journalists who will join the RFI Ukraine team and improving their professional skills.

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Misinformation surrounding the war in Ukraine

February 1, 2023
The French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs visits Yak Vdoma, the residence set up by CFI for independent Ukrainian journalists in exile.

Producing a greater volume of reliable content covering the conflict

- Creating a Ukrainian and Russian-language newsroom, with the recruitment of 17 Ukrainian journalists and managerial and technical staff;
- Developing a multilingual digital platform (Ukrainian and Russian);
- Supporting the journalistic output of Ukrainian journalists in exile and in residence.

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RT @L_Giacobino: A #Bucarest, les journalistes ukrainiennes de la résidence #YakVdoma de @CFImedias / @France_MM formés par @N0thing2Hide. Des techniques et outils de sécurité numérique essentiels pour se protéger des risques cyber dans le contexte de la #UkraineRussiaWarhttps://t.co/Q4eaEFpXslhttps://t.co/mcAUV5bSGA
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🔵 "Dans les conditions actuelles, c'était bien mieux qu’à la maison" 🔹 Témoignage de Julia Fomicheva, journaliste ukrainienne qui vient de passer trois mois au sein de la Résidence Yak Vdoma à Bucarest (Roumanie). 👉 https://t.co/b7re91gC2D#CFImédias#YakVdoma#Ukrainehttps://t.co/yVeSIIM3bn
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🟡 Call for applications - Yak Vdoma 🇺🇦 🔹Are you a journalist from Ukraine? 🔹Are you interested in a granted program to carry out your project? 🔹Are you ready to move to Bucharest for few months? 👉 More details : https://t.co/GPg23gtJ6u#CFImédias#YakVdoma#Ukraine
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🟡 Appel à candidatures - Yak Vdoma 🇺🇦 🔹Êtes-vous un journaliste ukrainien ? 🔹Vous êtes intéressé par un programme subventionné pour réaliser votre projet ? 🔹Êtes-vous prêt à déménager à Bucarest pour quelques mois ? 👉 https://t.co/3AqYIowN8a#CFImédias#YakVdoma#Ukrainehttps://t.co/82hHjMRbb7
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🟡 Прийом заявок - Як Вдома 🇺🇦 🔹Ви журналіст з України? 🔹Вас цікавить грантова програма для реалізації вашого проекту? 🔹Чи готові ви переїхати до Бухареста на кілька місяців? 👉 Детальніше: https://t.co/Rc4sJ7Nz9l#CFImédias#YakVdoma#Ukraine
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🟡 Call for applications - Yak Vdoma 🇺🇦 🔹Are you a journalist from Ukraine? 🔹Are you interested in a granted program to carry out your project? 🔹Are you ready to move to Bucharest for few months? 👉 More details : https://t.co/GPg23gtJ6u#CFImédias#YakVdoma#Ukrainehttps://t.co/jAVBmGBS8g
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