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Southern and eastern Ukraine are currently facing a crisis on two fronts: the first associated with the conflict with Eastern Russia, ongoing since 2014, and the second as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both are breeding grounds for disinformation and are making it necessary to both diversify information and strengthen the independent media in the country.

MediaFit is an ambitious programme, which aims to improve information integrity in Ukraine and the resilience of the Ukrainian media in this context, especially in the southern and eastern regions. Supported by the European Union, it is being implemented by the Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA), in partnership with CFI and Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT).

At the core of MediaFit is the desire to offer the people of these regions better access to relevant and reliable information – an essential prior condition for restoring confidence in the media, reducing disinformation and building an inclusive peace-building process.

Project beneficiaries

- 25 independent media outlets,
- 250 journalists (citizen journalists, civil society stakeholders) working to verify facts and counter disinformation, on issues associated with the media in the target regions,
- 20 directors from 10 regional stations and the head office of Ukrainian public television UA:PBC,
- 20 independent producers working in the target regions.

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Support for local media

- Financial support for independent local media outlets;
- Training programme to ensure their economic and financial viability;
- Organisation of a conference bringing together around 100 regional media outlets to discuss the viability of the media and facilitate the creation of a network.

Support for quality content production and digitalisation

- Implementation of an independent journalism support fund;
- Skill-building programme for journalists and media outlets in content creation and media outlet management;
- Awarding of a MediaFit prize for the best productions developed over the course of the project.

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Support for UA:PBC and independent producers in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine

- Mapping of independent producers and production companies in the target regions;
- Training and best practice-sharing programme for co-productions;
- Implementation of a regional production support fund in cooperation with UA:PBC.

The implementation of this component has been entrusted to CFI.

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🔵 Ukraine : four winners announced following calls for documentary projects ! 🔹As part of the #MediaFit project, CFI is supporting the production of independent documentaries 🔹A call launched by UAPBC 👉édias#ProjectInAction
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🔵 Ukraine : quatre lauréats des appels à projet de documentaires désignés ! 🔹CFI soutient la production de documentaires indépendants dans le cadre du projet #MediaFit 🔹Un appel lancé par UAPBC 👉édias#ProjetEnAction
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