PRAVO-Justice: the media component

PRAVO-Justice: the media component
PRAVO-Justice: the media component


To enhance the capacity of Ukrainian justice sector professionals to work with the media
To improve the quality of journalistic output on judicial reforms
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In response to public distrust of the justice system, the Ukrainian government has been engaged in a major reform of the judiciary since 2015. Launched in late 2017, the PRAVO-Justice project is part of a large-scale programme to promote justice sector reform, with financial support coordinated by several international backers. Funded by the European Union, the project is led by Expertise France, in partnership with JCI (France), CPMA (Lithuania), DCAF (Switzerland) and CFI for the implementation of its media component.

Television is the main source of information in Ukraine. The media landscape is characterised by a lack of credible public sector broadcasters, while private channels are monopolised by a handful of oligarchs who use them to promote their own economic and political objectives. The result is a widespread lack of public trust in the media.

Aimed at both Ukrainian journalists and members of the country's judiciary, the ultimate goal of the project is to improve public understanding of judicial reforms through the media.


Project beneficiaries

- 30 journalists from different Ukrainian media organisations
- 2 Ukrainian media outlets (meaning Graty and SudReporter)

Project manager
Adeline Mayeur

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Provision of training to journalists

Training of journalists in the handling of judicial information.

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Study trip to Paris for graduates

Visit to the Palace of Justice and the Association de la presse judiciaire [French Association of Court Journalists]

Provision of support

Provision of support to media organisations for the production of news stories on legal matters and justice reforms

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