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To enable a new generation of young talents to reclaim the language used in media and to express themselves openly on subjects that inspire them in each country.
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The media organizations within the Western Balkan countries still offer little in the way of content and formats that are truly adapted to the concerns of young people. The region is not immune, as elsewhere, to the spread of fake news and to logics of instrumentalization of opinions on social networks.

The Balkans Voices project identifies several ways to help young people to make their voices heard including: ensuring they are aware of the importance of images and what they can convey, helping them to develop critical thinking skills with regard to the media, encouraging and strengthening digital production, supporting audiovisual creation, etc.

Resolutely focused on the future and implemented in close collaboration with the cooperation and cultural action services of French Embassies in each country, this project thus uses digital media to promote freedom of expression throughout the Western Balkans region, which is being reinvigorated by the input of young people, in particular young women.

I am already in the process of implementing this knowledge in my project. I now have a clear roadmap that I intend to follow.
Djellza, 19-year-old student in Kosovo

Project beneficiaries

Young people (15-35 years old) in 6 Western Balkan countries: around 1600 direct beneficiaries 
- Around 1000 young people aged 15-20 years old, particularly those at secondary school (pupils).
- Around 450 young people aged 18-30 particularly those studying journalism and communication.
- Around 60 Media project leaders (bloggers and influencers in each country).
- Around 100 young students in film schools and young talented individuals working in audiovisual creation.

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Balkans Voices


Developing critical thinking skills among young people with regard to the media

  • Designing pedagogical tools for decrypting information (educational online platform and training regional trainers).
  • Regional Training of Trainers on media and information literacy tools.
  • Workshops on decryption and raising awareness towards fake news with young people aged from 15 to 19 years-old.
  • Masterclasses on how news is produced and fact-checking for students, in particular those studying journalism and communication.
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Strengthening the skills of the new Media contributors

  • A regional conference bringing together influencers, bloggers, digital Media project leaders, and online news contributors.
  • Regional Practical Workshops and Training.
  • Introductory one-week workshop in Paris and six months of individual coaching.
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Developing audiovisual and digital productions that enable young people to present their reality

  • Workshops in film and audiovisual schools in the region: scriptwriting, web documentary, mobile video, web series, video games, etc.
  • Regional seminar on the challenges of multimedia production and new forms of writing.
  • Financial support for audiovisual, digital and interactive production on topics that interest young people (ecology, technology, art, culture, etc.)
  • Financial support for projects gathering young professionals from the six countries.
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