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To enhance the professional skills of a new generation of photojournalists in Nigeria.
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Nigeria has seen many talented photographers emerge in recent years. These photographers are benefiting in particular from social media, which has become an essential platform for sharing content in Africa’s most populated country. Nigeria is a country in the midst of a social and identity crisis and images will shape its future during the upcoming presidential and legislative elections scheduled for 2023. 

Naija in lights provides technical and editorial training to photojournalists living and working throughout the country – both in the northern and southern regions – to help them produce and share high-quality photographs. Its ultimate aim is to further enlighten public discourse and counteract false information during a heated election campaign.

Project beneficiaries

  • Ten photojournalists, either employed by Nigerian media organisations or freelancers
Project manager
Laurence Burckel

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Naija in lights


Technical, editorial and entrepreneurial training 

  • Workshops on photography techniques (styles of photojournalism, photographic interpretation, ethical principles, etc.) and the principles of the photojournalism market;
  • Development of an individual project (exhibition, report, book...).
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Promotion and enhancement of photographs

  • Support for the completion of an individual project through regular remote coaching for four months plus funding;
  • Exhibition of the best photographs over a period of one to two weeks, at the Alliance française in Lagos and in other regional alliances, to share the work done at the end of the project with the general public and to promote that work.