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Using open data to educate people about gender inequality
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In French speaking Africa, open data are a key source of information that journalists and media outlets need to harness in order to cover gender-related stories and educate people about gender inequality.

However, not all of these data and statistics, which are available to government bodies, are broken down by gender and they do not provide sufficient information for gender-related issues as a result. The expertise required to retrieve, analyse and visualise these data also calls for specific skills and is hard to find.

Implemented with support provided by the pan-African network “Open Data pour Elles [Open Data for Women]”, MediaLab for Women provides journalists with training on how to manage gender-related open data and with support to investigate gender inequality in French speaking Africa. This project is making use of innovative content to raise awareness of gender and open data issues among journalists and civil populations in four countries.

An experience to be reissued absolutely. An innovative human and professional adventure that allowed journalists with diametrically opposed editorial lines to exchange on topics of general interest.
Alexandra Tchuileu Ngangom, journalist at Cameroun Tribune

Project beneficiaries

  • 1 enhanced network consisting of 8 data journalism trainers
  • 24 journalists from the 4 countries involved in the project, and the media outlets they work for
  • Open Data pour Elles partner network
  • CSOs committed to gender equality and focused on gender-related issues as well as open data, sound governance, and accountability
Project manager

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MediaLab for Women


Open Data pour Elles network support

  • Development, mobilisation and communication workshops for the network’s members
  • Participation and integration of Open Data pour Elles into regional French speaking open data networks/li>
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Enhancing a network of data journalism trainers with respect to gender-related issues and training journalists

  • Establishing a network of trainers from previous CFI projects (Open Data Media 1 & 2)
  • Developing training and support materials and any refresher sessions if necessary
  • Selecting 24 journalists from the 4 countries following a call for applications
  • Basic training in investigations and open data
  • - Advanced training in open data and investigative file preparation
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Providing support for the creation and dissemination of investigations into gender inequality

  • Call for submissions from 24 journalists followed by the selection of 8 investigations
  • Funding and production of these 8 investigations, plus support
  • Dissemination of the investigations by partner journalists and media outlets
  • - Evaluation of the investigations by CFI, France Médias Monde and the Open Data pour Elles network
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