To improve the skills of the media in relation to concepts and issues associated with gender equality and women’s rights in Iraq and Yemen.
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Yemen and Iraq are currently facing severe security instability, which has significantly affected the circumstances of the population, and of women in particular, who are increasingly marginalised and exposed to new threats. Moreover, journalism as practised in both countries remains a male-dominated environment. This is reflected not only in the absence of women in decision-making positions, but also in how information is covered by the media.

The Makanati project (which means "my place" in Arabic) promotes greater participation of women in Iraqi and Yemeni society and a better understanding of their concerns by the population, particularly through the production and dissemination of content about them. It also seeks to raise awareness among journalists and future journalists regarding gender equality and women's rights.

Finally, it contributes to improving the professional skills of female journalists in order to promote their access to decision-making positions.

“This training is complementary to my university studies. The techniques learned will allow me to build a solid foundation for my future as a journalist.”
Mariam Al Shareefi, student at Alfarahidi University in Baghdad (Iraq)

Project beneficiaries

Around 220 male and female journalists, as well as female journalism students, from Iraq and Yemen.

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Awareness of the importance of women’s rights and gender equality

  • Organisation of debates and a seminar to raise awareness of these issues with civil society stakeholders.
  • Training courses dedicated to these issues, for female journalism students and journalists, in order to develop a common methodology of journalistic coverage.
  • Introduction of advocacy initiatives lobbying the authorities in Iraq.
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CFI launches the Makanati project aimed at strengthening the participation of women in the Iraqi and Yemeni media

September 30, 2020
Virtual launch seminar on 28 and 29 September 2020.

Improving the professional skills of female journalists and students in Iraq and Yemen

  • Completion of an inventory of the positions held by women, with researchers based in both countries.
  • Strengthening professional networks at national and regional level.
  • Training courses on professional and leadership abilities.
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Support for the production of media content covering the challenges faced by women, women’s rights issues and gender equality

  • Launch of a specific radio programme/broadcast or creation of web media managed by female journalists who are beneficiaries of the project.
  • Support for the production of media content focusing on these issues.
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New programmes dedicated to women on Yemeni airwaves

November 27, 2020
Radio Lana and Yemen Times, two radio stations that have benefitted from the Makanati project, have recently launched two programmes specifically...

Launch of the platform in Iraq

February 17, 2021
As part of the Makanati project, a website for Iraqi women will be launched on 15 February 2021. This platform by and for women was created and...

Launch of the platform in Yemen

February 18, 2021
As part of the Makanati project, the platform dedicated to Yemeni women will be launched on 17 February 2021.

Changing the way women are perceived in Iraq and Yemen

March 11, 2021
Launched in 2020, the Makanati project (which means “my place” in Arabic) promotes greater participation of women in Iraqi and Yemeni society and...

Women’s rights and gender equality in the media: closure of the Makanati project

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