Strengthening the role of journalism as a key element in promoting better democratic governance.
Supporting the media in their role promoting social cohesion in Iraq .
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For over a decade now, Iraq has been faced with political deadlock in a context of widespread violence. In 2015 and 2016, citizen-led protest movements bringing together a patchwork of different groups emerged to call for an end to the sectarian system and to denounce the corruption of the authorities.

In parallel, the liberation of Mosul, Iraq's second city, in June 2017 has aroused hope of a re-establishment of the pluralistic identity of the country and peaceful coexistence between its communities. The 2018 elections (legislative and regional) are of crucial importance to the future of Iraq. In this context, the media has a decisive role to play in covering the elections in a professional manner.

This project is in part the result of the work undertaken within the context of the ILYM project, which brought together Iraqi, Libyan and Yemeni journalists in 2015 and 2016 to discuss journalists' role in a country in crisis. It is implemented in partnership with the German NGO MiCT, which has in-depth knowledge of Iraq and is the body to which CFI entrusted implementation of actions in the field.

"Before this workshop, I thought that cyber security was just about the software on my phone and computer, but in reality it depends on my daily attitude and how I handle my personal data."
A Baghdad journalist

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Marianne ROUX

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Strengthening the role of journalism to achieve better governance

To do this, three separate measures will be implemented in preparation for the scrutiny of the 2018 elections:

> Train the trainer workshops: four workshops will enable Iraqi trainers to be trained on various subject areas (how to detect fake news? computer graphics and teaching techniques, general legal and administrative context of elections, etc.) so that they can then lead workshops in Iraq to prepare journalists for covering political events during the elections.

> Workshops preparing for the coverage of elections: led by the trainers originally trained at the beginning of the project, eight workshops will take place in Baghdad and Kurdistan and will train a host of journalists from all over the country on how to cover elections.

> Monitoring of election coverage: oversight and analysis of media coverage during the elections.

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Supporting the media in their role as promoters of social cohesion in Iraq

The activities range from analytical reflection to assisting with the production of media content:

> Analysis workshops: bringing together journalists, media organisations and members of civil society, they aim to foster media solutions developed by players on the ground in order to reduce inter-community tensions and promote the reconciliation process, in particular in areas recently liberated from Daesh (Mosul and the Nineveh plains)

> "Digital tools and skills" workshops for journalists and influencers on social networks: these workshops will take place in a number of cities in Iraq and will provide training in methods of verifying online news as well as basic digital self-protection techniques

> Workshops supporting the production of "solutions journalism" media content: the participants will be guided by trainers who will provide them with advice in relation to 'storytelling', from their initial idea for a report up until the final production. A closing event will provide an opportunity for the participants to present their multimedia productions publicly.
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