To promote a common framework for discussion for journalists in relation to ethical challenges during a time of crisis.
To make journalists aware of the dangers associated with the accumulation of journalistic and political functions, which are even greater in the context of a crisis.
To encourage discussion in relation to the formation and structuring of plural and independent media coverage.
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Since 2011, Libya has fallen into chaos, with armed militia and civil war. Since 2015, two rival authorities have been vying for power, one based in Tripoli, the other in exile in Tobruk. In this extremely fragile political and economic situation, the media in Libya are struggling to safeguard the pluralism of information in their country.
Faced with threats to their physical safety and repressive laws, many journalists have had to go into exile in Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt or Turkey, where they try to carry on with their profession whilst preserving their independence.

In order to help maintain democratic debate in Libya, CFI in partnership with the Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), has launched "Hiwar: perspectives on journalism in Libya".
This project invites 15 Libyan journalists to participate in four discussion workshops focusing on their professional practices and the situation with regard to ethics and integrity.

"We focused on the culture of dialogue, diversity education, respect for the opinion of others."
Rizk, Libyan journalist

Project beneficiaries

15 Libyan journalists from all kinds of media

Project manager

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I am a Libyan journalist


Selection of 15 journalists, via CFI networks

from all kinds of media (radio, web, press, agencies, television).

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Perspectives on journalism in Libya: ethics and integrity

February 23, 2017
A dozen or so Libyan journalists came together in Tunis between 30 January and 1 February 2017 for the first meeting of the Hiwar project.

Cycle of four 3-day workshops

in Tunis (Tunisia): both theory and practical sessions with case studies enabling the participants to compare practices, in relation to various subjects (ethics and integrity, journalism and political functions, being a journalist whilst in exile, the independent role of journalists, etc.).

Distance monitoring between the different sessions

in order to prepare practical cases for the next sessions and see how the beneficiaries develop.

Drafting of a feature article by the journalists

so as to raise awareness on the part of the public of the role and mission of journalists in Libyan society today, which will be published in their respective media and on social networking sites.

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“I am a Libyan journalist”: contrasting perspectives on journalism

November 16, 2021
In light of the challenges and conflicts Libya has experienced since 2011, the media have been assigned new roles.

Organisation of a round table discussion on World Press Freedom Day

on 3 May 2017, journalists from ILYM will team up with those involved in HIWAR to take part in a round table discussion relating to the freedom of the press during crisis situations.

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I am a Libyan journalist: Mounir Almouhandes

July 7, 2017
Ten journalists agreed to give us a personal perspective on their profession.

I am a Libyan journalist: Sleiman Al Barouni

July 13, 2017
The words of Sleiman Al Barouni, journalist at Radio Alwasat, Cairo (Egypt).

I am a Libyan journalist: Malak Beit Al Mal

July 22, 2017
The words of Malak Beit Al Mal, journalist at the Al-Ahram foundation in Egypt.

I am a Libyan journalist: Houda Al Chaikhi

July 31, 2017
The words of Houda Al Chaikhi, journalist at Libya Alhadath TV in Benghazi, Libya.

I am a Libyan journalist: Rizk Faraj Rizk

August 11, 2017
The words of Rizk Faraj Rizk, freelance journalist working with the Libyan section of the website Mourassiloun ("Correspondents"), in Tobruk...

I am a Libyan journalist: Tarek Abed Al Salam Al Houni

August 18, 2017
The words of Tarek Abed Al Salam Al Houni, editor-in-chief at Clouds News Agency, Tripoli, Libya.

I am a Libyan journalist: Khaled Ali Al Dib

August 25, 2017
The testimony of Khaled Ali Al Dib, journalist at Radio Libya in Tripoli (Libya).

I am a Libyan journalist: Sefyan Khalaf Allah

September 1, 2017
The words of Sefyan Khalaf Allah, Executive Director of the Libyan Centre for Media Development.

I am a Libyan journalist: Imad Hamed

September 8, 2017
The words of Imad Hamed, director and presenter at Libya Rouhouha Al Watan TV in Amman, Jordan.

I am a Libyan journalist: Ibrahim Mohamad Alhaji

September 15, 2017
The words of Ibrahim Mohamad Alhaji, journalist at Tripoli, Libya.