To facilitate access to reliable humanitarian information in Yemen by constructing a network of journalists, media and NGOs who will report objectively on the conflict and protect themselves from the threats against them.
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In the grip of armed conflict since March 2015, Yemen is now facing a serious humanitarian crisis: two thirds of the population are in need of aid, half of whom are in a state of extreme emergency, suffering from famine and cholera.

The extremely unstable security situation is restricting the ability of NGOs to reach the worst affected people, and is also forcing those Yemenis most in need of help to isolate themselves more, thereby cutting themselves off from information about the available humanitarian aid.

The lack of information is exacerbated by the fact that Yemeni media organisations as a whole face major challenges when trying to perform their duty to inform the public: with the constant threat of laws curbing press freedom hanging over journalists, practising journalism in Yemen often means having to hide to communicate information or going into exile. In addition, there are difficulties for journalists to deal with humanitarian issues in a journalistic manner.

In view of the urgency of the situation, and conscious of the fact that Yemeni journalists have a part to play in supporting the humanitarian effort, CFI is committed to implementing a project aimed at improving the circulation of humanitarian information intended for the affected populations.

Through initiatives aimed at forging links with NGOs operating on the ground and the provision of training to journalists on the journalistic handling of humanitarian information and production support, the YMER project, supported by the European Union, strengthens the role of Yemeni journalism as a key component in the communication and sharing of useful information between NGOs and their beneficiaries, thereby increasing the effectiveness of international aid to ensure it has a real impact. It also contributes to the freedom of informing Yemeni populations about the humanitarian situation in the country.

"The training provided us with in-depth knowledge and practical tools for writing and disseminating humanitarian stories."
Badi Sultan, Yemeni journalist

Project beneficiaries

  • Around 15 Yemeni journalist trainers
  • Around 150 Yemeni journalists, from various regions and representing different types of media, who will benefit from training activities and production support.
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Creation and strengthening of a network linking Yemeni journalists and NGOs

- Implementation of a collaborative group open only to Yemeni journalists and NGOs, through which warnings on the humanitarian situation are regularly exchanged.

- Recruitment of coordinators tasked with leading the network on the ground, from the north to the south of the country.

- International seminar linking journalists and NGO representatives to raise awareness in the Yemeni media to distribute information linked to the daily concerns of the populations.

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Organisation of training courses aiming to strengthen the ability of Yemeni journalists to use the tools and techniques needed to produce information for humanitarian purposes.

- Organisation of training sessions for trainers in Jordan: collection and production of humanitarian information, design of educational tools for journalists.

- Organisation of training courses and coaching sessions in different regions in the country, in the presence of Yemeni NGOs that are partners of the project.

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Production and sharing of humanitarian information intended for the people of Yemen

- Sharing of various humanitarian content linked to the situation in the country on the dedicated Sawtinsan platform.

- Provision of financial support to Yemeni journalists for production.

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Organisation of media coverage of peace negotiations in Yemen

- Preparatory meetings ahead of negotiations.

- Implementation of an editing room comprising Yemeni journalists

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