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To diversify management training courses for local media managers in Africa through online training.
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The importance of local media, and in particular radio, is well established in Africa. Because they are easily accessible, they contribute to informing, raising the awareness of and mobilising people around different themes: politics, local governance and economy, the environment, education, health, culture, etc.

However, there is now a real need for management training that addresses the economic, organisational and strategic issues of media managers.

Launched by the Centre Solidarité et Initiatives pour le Développement (CSID-Bénin), in partnership with CFI, Kalan* Academy aims to strengthen the management skills of local media managers through online training. It is the first step in a project to build a learning platform for media management in Africa.

* Kalan means “training” in Bambara and Dyula, two West African languages

Kalan Academy wants to fill the void left by African journalism schools that offer courses in media management adapted to the economic and organizational challenges of mainstream media, but that do not take into account the very high specificity of local ones.
Sahadou Zato Ali, Pedagogical Coordinator of Kalan Academy

Project beneficiaries

- 30 French-speaking local media managers in Africa
- a teaching team of 10 trainers

Project manager

Files to download

Kalan Acaemy Flyer


Launching an e-learning platform

Selection of a digital solutions company to design the tool, produce resources (written, audio or video materials) and train users.

Strengthening the knowledge of 30 people in the management of a local media outlet

Selection after a call for applications, training, assessment and remote supervision.

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Setting up a strategy for the sustainability of the platform

Regular adjustments to the training content, development of other training courses in local media management, design of a catalogue of training courses, development of an economic viability model for the platform and promotion of this tool to potential partners and clients.