Innovative journalism in Iraq 

Journalisme innovant en Irak (JOII)


To strengthen the good journalism practices of the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) and the Faculty of Media of the University of Baghdad (FMUB)
To support the professionalisation of journalism students from the Faculty of Media of the University of Baghdad (FMUB).
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For around twenty years, Iraq has been experiencing an unprecedented development of all types of media. The “Innovative Journalism in Iraq” project complements the projects already launched by CFI to support the emergence of new independent media outlets in this country. Implemented in partnership with France Médias Monde, it primarily aims to improve the skills of journalists from the State media outlet, the Iraqi Media Network(IMN), through professional training leading to certification. 

Secondly, this project also plans to enrich the current curriculum of the Faculty of Media of the University of Baghdad (FMUB), which is mainly theoretical, to adapt it to the needs of global journalism (TV, radio and digital) and to make it a benchmark in Iraq and throughout the region. 

By contributing to the dissemination of good journalism practices in this manner, the “Innovative Journalism in Iraq” project more broadly aims to improve the quality of news coverage and increase trust in the media among the Iraqi people.

Project beneficiaries

  • 12 trainers from the IMN and the FMUB
  • 3000 journalism professionals working in the IMN 
  • 1000 students from the FMUB
  • 1000 students from other Iraqi universities
Project manager
Indra El Hage

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Strengthening journalistic practices within the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) and the Faculty of Media of the University of Baghdad (FMUB)

  • Training of 12 trainers from the IMN and the FMUB on the fundamentals of journalism (fact-checkingand editorial aspects) and on professional specialities (practical training in camera work, reporting, editing, social media use, the management of digital tools, TV presentation, editor-in-chief work and mobile journalism/MOJO);
  • Strengthening skills in covering gender issues, the environment and security: a seminar and personalised advice for the production of reports on these issues.
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Professionalisation of journalism students from the University of Baghdad

  • Personalised support for 12 trainers: support for the production of educational documents, the design and creation of three e-learning series, certification of the team and a 10-day study trip to France;
  • Practical training in journalism techniques for students: fundamentals,fact-checking, TV reporting and monologues and social media management;
  • Immersion in a professional environment: study trips for 15 successful students and the award of grants for some students.