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To contribute to reliable, objective and independent information in Niger.
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In a growing number of African countries, misinformation is now considered to play a major role in social disorder. In an effort to combat this phenomenon, a number of governments are introducing strict measures, which increasingly include blocking communication tools or adopting digital codes that restrict certain freedoms.


This trend, which is a threat to African democracy, makes it even more essential for media sector stakeholders to have recourse to tools and techniques for fact-checking, a journalistic discipline that is still in its very early infancy in most editorial offices in Western and Central Africa.

CFI has been providing African journalists with fact-checking training since 2020 through its Desinfox Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal) and Desinfox Chad projects. The new Desinfox Niger project offers the selected media outlets the opportunity to participate in an advanced educational programme aimed at training journalists in fact-checking and helping them to produce content that combats misinformation.

Project beneficiaries

- 18 journalists from six media outlets in Niger

Project manager

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Desinfox Niger


Basic fact-checking training

- Raises overall awareness of misinformation (classification and characteristics);
- Provides information on how misinformation is created;
- Explains how social and online media work (going "viral", filter bubbles, echo chambers, algorithms, clickbait etc.);
- Provides information on how to detect misinformation on social media, e.g. by identifying trolls* and supporters;
- Details how to verify fact-checking sources and bases;
- Covers how to produce fact-checking content;
- Highlights ethical considerations for the verifier.
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Training on fact-checking narration

Explains how to build the narrative (the content of the misinformation, its impact, its context, how it can be debunked and the conclusion) and strengths of the various fact-checking formats used (online fact-checking, interactive programmes, radio formats, data visualisation, video formats etc.).

Training and coaching on social media use

Strengthens the community management skills of information verifiers and presents strategies to ensure optimal visibility for the content produced, primarily through practical exercises.

Production monitoring

The project trainers will support the media outlets receiving support, in person or remotely, as they develop fact-checking segments or programmes.