Naija in Lights call for applications: training of Nigerian photojournalists

Naija in Lights call for applications: training of Nigerian photojournalists

September 5, 2022

Are you a professional Nigerian photographer exercising press photography or reportage for the media or on social networks? Do you need help to refine your career plan and build your career in photojournalism? If so, submit an application to us!

CFI lauches the Naija in Lights project in Nigeria focusing on boosting the professional skills of photojournalists in the context of the 2023 general elections. This initiative aims to respond to a need expressed by the Nigerian and international media to be able to offer their audience photographic coverage, of both the electoral process, and of the current affairs. 

Naija in Lights will train and support 10 Nigerian photojournalists to strengthen their capacities to produce quality information photographs and develop sustainable career plans for 10 Nigerian photojournalists. The agency aims to boost the abilities of these 10 candidates in producing high-quality, impartial images that promote social cohesion. The project will give this group of photojournalists from different regions of Nigeria, with varied and often self-taught profiles, the opportunity to improve their technical and journalistic skills.

The aim of this project is also to allow them to develop a personal project related to the general elections in 2023 and with the aim of developing their capacity to make their work as a photojournalist sustainable and profitable.

This 12-month project is implemented by CFI in partnership with StoryMi Academy, Radio France internationale (RFI) and the Alliances Françaises network in Nigeria and revolves around two main components:

1. Two 7-day training sessions:

  • One training session on photography techniques and identification of an individual project in Kano (to be confirmed);
  • One training session on the principles of the photojournalism market and support for the development of an exhibition project in Lagos.

2. Remote coaching and joint exhibition:

  • Remote coaching and support for the development of an individual project (production of a photo report), 3 days per beneficiary spread over 4 months;
  • A joint exhibition of photographs organised by the Alliances Françaises network in Nigeria.

Does this programme interest you?

Apply here 

Deadline for receipt of applications: 30 September 2022 (18:00 UT)