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To encourage media outlets to play a part in developing individual and collective environmental citizenship by covering the issues surrounding climate change.
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In West Africa, climate change is putting human lives and livelihoods in grave danger. Information on this topic remains scarce and is often limited to reports on natural disasters.

However, media outlets have a crucial role to play in explaining the causes of these disturbances, providing information on the ways in which we can adapt to climate change and developing a positive discourse on the fight against global warming.

Terra Africa is supporting journalists who want to learn how to provide cross-cutting coverage of environmental issues. This project supports them in the production of content that puts the emphasis on finding solutions and encouraging political and civic engagement.

Project beneficiaries

  • 60 journalists and 20 media outlet managers;
  • Press cartoonists, influencers;
  • CSOs involved in fighting the effects of climate change;
  • Researchers, specifically the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) and research centres in the countries concerned;
  • Eco-responsible companies, eco-innovative project leaders.
Project manager
Régine Dietrich

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Offer a framework favourable to multi-actor collaborations

- Selecting the beneficiary media outlets and journalists;
- A regional launch and discussion seminar;
- Creating a regional network of environmental journalists;
- Raising awareness among the media outlet managers selected of the importance of integrating climate-related topics into their editorial line;
- Launching an online platform for content publication;
- National workshops for thematic debates;
- Carrying out field visits with the researchers and CSOs;
- A regional closing seminar to share good practices and promote South-South cooperation on environmental issues.

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Strengthen the ability of the media outlets to produce quality information on the fight against climate change and to promote adaptation strategies and eco-responsible initiatives

- Training 20 journalists on environmental fact-checking;
- Training 40 journalists on solutions journalism;
- Raising awareness among 40 journalists of gender-sensitive journalism in terms of covering topics linked to climate change (webinars);
- Selecting five investigative journalists and supporting the implementation, production and distribution of an investigation.

Encourage civic participation in environmental governance, particularly among young people, by producing interactive content and raising awareness on social media

- Supporting young people from communities affected by climate change in producing videos using smartphones;
- Posting videos on RFI’s platforms and on social media with the support of influencers from West Africa;
- Producing press cartoons in video format and posting them on social media with the support of influencers from West Africa.

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🌱 Terra Africa, Lancé en Afrique de l'Ouest par #CFImedias, ce nouveau projet accompagne les médias dans la création de contenus, favorisant la recherche de solutions citoyennes et stimulant l’engagement politique et citoyen 👉 https://t.co/SibDevGRHQ#EarthDay#TerraAfricaMediahttps://t.co/XfWS03MJ7i
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