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To encourage the integration of environmental issues in the work produced by journalists, with the help of discussion, the exchanging of views and sharing of expertise between journalists and local players.
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The impact of environmental issues on the living and on society, health and the economy mean it is crucial that they are understood by the general public. And yet in countries in the Arab World, environmental news and information still occupies a marginal place in the media. The subject is often dealt with sporadically, when there are natural disasters or major international meetings, such as the annual United Nations climate change conferences (les the COP), or for reporting on the work of the IPCC.

Environmental news and information must also be thought about in the long term to promote sustainable development goals effectively and have a greater effect on the local population regarding the issues involved.

The MediaLabEnvironment project helps to increase knowledge and understanding of the environmental challenges, by providing a better grasp of high quality information about these subjects. It supports the development of individual and collective environmental awareness among the people of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

MediaLab Environment is part of the International Strategy for “International Strategy for French Language and Plurilingualism".

"It is important to multiply initiatives bringing together scientists and journalists because exchanges with the world of research allow journalists to deliver better quality information. This observation has been reinforced since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis."
Hafsia Leghrissi, workshop participant and PhD student at INAT

Project beneficiaries

One hundred primarily young media professionals.

Project manager
Myriam ESSID

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MediaLab Environment


Launch forum and study trip

- Forum on dealing with environmental matters and the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) through the media of the six countries, and participation in the Arab World Ecology forum, held by the Arab World Institute in Paris, in October 2019.
- Study trip for course managers from journalism schools to raise awareness about the creation of a module dedicated to environmental journalism.

Training sessions, workshops and guidance on production

- Training on environmental issues and guidance for journalists and their chief editors on the production of special reports on Environment in the Mediterranean region.
- Training for male and female solutions journalism trainers, in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network.
- Training in solutions journalism, guidance on production, and participation in the "Environment MediaLab and Solutions Journalism in the Mediterranean" competition.
- Media training and guidance on the production of educational, entertaining and inspirational content about the environment.

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Closing conference and awards ceremony

Closing conference attended by all beneficiaries and partners, and the presenting of MediaLab Environment and Solutions Journalism in the Mediterranean awards.
Research on environmental journalism in the Arab World will be conducted throughout the project with the beneficiaries and partners and will be published.

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