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Supporting the specialisation of investigative journalists in the field of health and the production of quality investigations.

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The problems encountered by investigative journalists in the Arab world are manifold: lack of time, lack of financial resources, isolation, physical threats, legal action, etc.

To address these challenges, CFI launched MédiaLab Investigation in September 2019. This project supports the specialisation of investigative journalists from nine countries in the Arab world in the field of health, through networking and support for the production of investigations. It also allows for working with investigative media for specific needs.

More specifically, CFI has chosen to provide support for investigations relating to health. Indeed, a study has revealed that the challenges in this field deserve better journalism coverage in the Maghreb and Mashriq countries.

MédiaLab Investigation falls within the “International Strategy for French Language and Plurilingualism".


Project beneficiaries

• Investigative journalists from nine countries in the Arab world

• Selected media outlets for personalised support

Project manager
Marie Bouilly

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Networking of investigative journalists

Invitation of around thirty journalists to three international meetings:
- The GIJN (Global Investigative Journalism Network) Conference in Hamburg in September 2019;
- The annual ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) Conferences in Jordan, in November 2019 ;
- and November 2020.

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MediaLab Investigation launched at the GIJN’s Global Conference

October 15, 2019
Ten journalists from Arab countries attended the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, which was organised by the GIJN (Global...

Investigative journalists invited to the ARIJ forum by CFI

December 4, 2019
Nine journalists, selected by CFI, participated in the ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) forum in Amman, (Jordan), on 23 and 24...

Training investigative journalists in the field of health and support for the production of investigations

- Call for investigation projects and organisation of a panel on the subject of investigation in the field of health, during the GIJN Conference in September 2019.
- Support for the production of eight investigations: training sessions supervised by three experts and financial contribution to the costs of conducting the investigations.
- An award given to the best investigation, during the International Journalism Conference in Tunis in 2020.

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Call for projects to investigate health in the Arab world

September 24, 2019
As part of the MediaLab Investigation project, CFI is looking for candidates capable of producing investigations (in any media) in the general...

MediaLab Investigation: Eight investigations into health selected

November 22, 2019
MediaLab Investigation's selection committee convened on 15 November 2019. Eight investigations were selected out of the 26 eligible entries...

“Medicines out of control”, the first investigation published as part of the Medialab Investigation project

November 13, 2020
Asaad Zalzali publishes the first investigation produced as part of the Medialab Investigation project on the Lebanese news website Daraj – an...

MediaLab Investigation: Investigation into the suffering of breast cancer patients in Tataouine

November 24, 2020
The 2nd investigation published as part of the MédiaLab Investigation project looks at breast cancer in southern Tunisia.

Medialab Investigation: the 3rd investigation published looks into psychological violence towards women in Tunisia

November 26, 2020
The 3rd investigation in the Medialab Investigation project, by Dorra Abdelkader, has been published on the website of the TAP (Tunis Afrique...

Médialab Investigation: the 4th investigation published looks into poor management within public hospitals in Palestine

November 26, 2020
In her investigation published on Wattan, Palestinian journalist Wafa Arouri highlights the poor management of medical equipment in hospitals...

MédiaLab Investigation: the 5th investigation published examines difficulties that women encounter when trying to access healthcare in remote areas of Tunisia

December 8, 2020
Rakia Selmi has published her investigation on the TAP website. An investigation into the effects of the medical wilderness in Tunisia’s...

MediaLab Investigation: the 6th investigation published looks into sickle cell anaemia among children in Siwa Oasis, Egypt

December 8, 2020
Shymaa Adel’s investigation into the rising rates of sickle cell anaemia in the oases of Siwa and Bahariya has been published in the Egyptian Al...

Investigations in the field of health in Egypt, Iraq, Palestine and Tunisia

November 29, 2022
CFI is publishing the French translations of all the investigations produced by journalists benefiting from the MediaLab Investigation project..

Specific support for investigative media outlets in the Arab world

- Identification of three media outlets in need of personalised support: economic model development assistance, training, legal assistance, etc.
- Final seminar bringing together journalists, media outlets, philanthropists and citizens: presentation of investigation published and their impact, feedback and project assessment.

The French language is at the heart of this project, with translation into French of all investigations published, translation into French of workshops during the GIJN conference in Hamburg and a launch panel entirely in French (with simultaneous interpreting into English) at that conference.

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Dorra Ben AbdelKader, a journalist committed to the future of Tunisian society

March 5, 2021
Dorra Ben Abdelkader has been a journalist for over twenty years. A career that she has devoted to advancing Tunisian society, whether on the...

Three-in-one support for Kashf Media

September 2, 2022
As the MediaLab Investigation project draws to a close, one of its final ventures is helping Tunisian media outlet Kashf Media to reinforce its...

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