Through the media, to contribute to increased consideration of the consequences of climate change among civil society and public authorities, with the aim of influencing public policies in this area.
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The climate emergency now constitutes one of the most important global challenges of the next few decades. In sub-Saharan Africa, the rise in temperatures will have impacts in areas as wide-ranging and crucial as food security, access to water and health care and migration management, or even the prevention of regional conflicts and wars. African media outlets have a key role to play, not only in raising awareness, but also in educating the public on the challenges of global warming.

Following on from Terra Media and Médias 21, CFI is marking a new step in its support of East African media in addressing climate issues, by launching the Dunia project. Its aim is to raise awareness among media managers and journalists regarding the importance of integrating environmental issues into their editorial policies, to train them to carry out in-depth work on the handling of these issues and to report on them in all their aspects.

“This workshop gave me a lot of ideas for reporting. I can't wait to get to work!”
Sharon Onyango, journalist at Science Africa

Project beneficiaries

Journalists and managers from12 media outlets of all kinds (radio, written and online press and TV)

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Strengthening the role of media outlets as tools for monitoring, raising awareness of and engaging in issues associated with climate change

  • A consultation seminar bringing together media outlets selected following a call for applications, to understand the priority climate issues in the three countries and to reflect on the importance accorded to the media coverage of these topics.
  • Training in editorial management and on the basics of climate change and the main concepts associated with it.
  • Training course on investigative journalism in relation to these issues and remote monitoring of the investigative reports.
  • Fact-checking training to combat climate scepticism 
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Encouraging dialogue between the scientific community and civil society

  • Workshops devoted to multi-actor debates and reflections.
  • On-the-ground training with scientists and civil society organisations.

Supporting media outlets in covering climate change in a way that promotes prospects for solutions and adaptation in line with the concerns of local populations

  • Raising awareness of solutions journalism.
  • Training on integrating the "gender" dynamic into the climate change response and adaptation strategies.
  • A competition to reward the best investigative and solutions reports.
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