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To contribute to consolidating the presence of traditional media outlets on the internet and social networks with a view to reaching more young members of the public with suitable content.
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Given the rapid increase in the number of Africans who are connected to the internet and social networks, few traditional media outlets, whether from the written press, radio or television, have chosen to follow their public, particularly the younger members, onto social networks.

It is vital that these media outlets consolidate their presence on the internet and social networks by developing content that is suitable for such platforms and by focussing on interactivity to enrich their content.

The Media 360° project aims to help 15 of these media outlets, which have been selected after a call for applications, to familiarise themselves with social networks so that they can broadcast various forms of content in suitable formats on them in response to the new forms of media consumption.

Media 360° is following in the footsteps of projects already launched by CFI in Africa in the field of new media and innovation (Innovate Africa, Open Data Media, NAILA Media, among others).

This training provided me with new knowledge and new practices. I’ve learned how to manage an editorial schedule and create visuals for social networks more easily.
Nazaire Kiouari, journalist, Radio Mucodec

Project beneficiaries

Managers and journalists responsible for the social networks of 15 traditional African media outlets (radio, TV or written press).

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Media 360°


Raising the awareness of the managers on matters relating to social networks

After a call for applications, selecting 30 media outlets for an awareness‑raising session for their managers on the use of social networks, leading to the creation of a development plan.

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Training journalists in producing and moderating on social networks

Introducing journalists from 15 media outlets, selected after a meeting with the managers, to producing content (use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., creation of visuals and videos etc.) and verifying and publishing information on social networks.

Supervision and support

Implementation of lively and collaborative online platforms to maintain a link between the participants and to encourage the sharing of good practices, and coaching tailored through the passage of an expert-trainer in their writing.

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Closing Seminar

Closing seminar bringing together managers and journalists in an African capital.

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