To consolidate the skills required to create audiovisual content for young audiences
To boost the skills required to both produce creative audiovisual content and raise the profile of that content, via the production of pilots
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While Internet and social media use is constantly on the rise in counties in Northwest Africa, television and radio stations are seeing their models become more vulnerable. Yet, these traditional forms of media are the main backers of audiovisual content.

However, a recent offering is emerging thanks to innovative content creators and independent digital media outlets making a contribution to this dynamic market.

In Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya, Intajat Jadida encourages the production of cultural and educational audiovisual content with an entertaining edge.

This project will help new talent to emerge and will enhance an innovative range of editorial content that reflects young people’s expectations as directly as possible.

Project beneficiaries

  • Around 20 leaders of projects that aim to produce audiovisual, cultural and educational content with an entertaining edge;
  • Around 50 professionals in the audiovisual sector.
Project manager
Sylvie ORIO

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Support for the creation of creative audiovisual content projects

  • Selection of experts who will train the beneficiaries;
  • Selection of approximately 20 innovative audiovisual content production projects;
  • Enhanced project creation capabilities: incubation visits and training workshops;
  • Creation and management of a supportive community among beneficiaries.
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Pilot production assistance

  • Personalised “pre-production” support;
  • Introduction of support grants of between €3000 and €5000;
  • Support sessions during the pilot production phase;
  • Assessment of the pilots and test audiences;
  • Competition with prizes for the two best pilots;
  • Regional meeting of professionals to discuss innovation;
  • Closing forum.

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