To contribute to stability, social cohesion and long-term peace in Ethiopia by helping media outlets to produce pluralist, reliable and inclusive information.
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The Ethiopia Media Support project aims to strengthen the training skills of the media self-regulation body Ethiopian Media Council (EMC), to cement its legitimacy and credibility within the media sector, where it works to promote the freedom of the press and guarantee that journalists take ethics into account. The EMC will benefit from two train-the-trainer training programmes. The first will focus on combating misinformation and hate speech, while the second will cover journalism in sensitive contexts and the safety aspects of reporting. This project is part of a programme implemented in partnership with the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French Embassy in Addis Ababa, which supports the EMC in its media self-regulation role, and the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA – France’s national audiovisual institute), which helps to preserve and promote the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation’s archives.

Project beneficiaries

• The Ethiopian Media Council (EMC)
• A group of 24 trainers
• The network of journalists and the media distribution managers who are members of the EMC

Project manager

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Ethiopia Media Support


Boosting the ability of Ethiopian media outlets to produce objective, verified and inclusive information in sensitive contexts

• Identification of EMC's needs related to trainer training and educational engineering.
• Launch of a call for applications across the EMC networks to identify a pool of trainers.
• Implementation of a train-the-trainer training programme on fact checking and combating hate speech.
• Implementation of a train-the-trainer training programme on journalism in sensitive contexts.

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