Talmil.org, développer l’esprit critique des jeunes vis-à-vis des médias

Talmil.org, helping young people to develop critical thinking skills with regard to the media

November 13, 2020

The regional multilingual media and information education platform TALMIL went live on the internet on Tuesday, 10 November 2020.

TALMIL, which stands for ‘Teach And Learn about Media and Information Literacy’, allows trainers and young people to learn and teach others about media and information. The content is available in Albanian, BCMS, Macedonian, French and English and covers various themes: the circulation of misinformation, how to identify hate speech and citizen journalism.

Designed by Mouvement UP and Artemis, French experts in media education, and with the backing of the Courrier des Balkans, a French-language newspaper specialising in the region, the TALMIL platform will also be used to support the design and organisation of 72 workshops on deciphering information and combating misinformation. The workshops will be held by June 2021 and will take place over one day in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.  

A training course for trainers held on 12 and 13 November 2020 will also allow the organisers to get to grips with the content on the platform and discuss their organisation practices.