Talk Paix call for applications: support for media outlets in Cameroon

Talk Paix call for applications: support for media outlets in Cameroon

Are you a Cameroonian media outlet (radio, TV, written press, pure-player)? Do you want to encourage a context-sensitive form of journalism and develop platforms for discussions with civil society that focus on promoting peace? If so, submit an application to us!

The aim of the Talk Paix (Talk Peace) project is to provide training and support to ten Cameroonian media outlets to boost their ability to produce pluralist, reliable, inclusive and collaborative news. This two-year project is being jointly implemented by CFI and two Cameroonian CSOs: the Association for Integrated Development and Interactive Solidarity (Association pour le Développement Intégré et la Solidarité Interactive [ADISI]) and the Youth Collective (Fondation Conseil Jeune [FCJ]).

Three main activity phases form the basis for the project: 

training in fact checking and context-sensitive journalism for ten written press, online or audiovisual (radio and TV) media outlets;

training in and support for the production of interactive programmes provided to the audiovisual media outlets selected in phase 1. 

media education and digital citizenship workshops for young people from crisis areas. Half of those attending will be women.

This call for applications relates to the first two phases of the project.

Do you want your media outlet to benefit from two years of support that focuses on fact checking and context-sensitive journalism?



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