Interactive programmes to foster dialogue with Members of Parliament

Interactive programmes to foster dialogue with Members of Parliament

November 16, 2021

Following on from the Arab Spring, Jordan has undertaken a series of constitutional and political reforms aimed at constructing a dynamic democracy. These reforms are based on the gradual strengthening of the parliamentary system and political parties, and on the people’s active participation.

In line with its strategy of promoting the rule of law, the European Union launched a support programme for this reform process in Jordan: the EU-JDID project (EU support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions & Development, with “Jdid” also meaning “new” in Arabic).
Since 2019, CFI has been responsible for implementing the media component. This includes training political journalists and raising awareness among elected politicians of the importance of communicating with the media. The challenge is to create the conditions for more reliable, professional coverage of political, parliamentary and election news in Jordan.
To this end, training sessions have been arranged, a media centre has been set up at the Jordanian parliament, and an online kit for covering political current affairs has been produced.

These journalists want the right to express themselves, carry out the required interviews and ask the authorities to explain their decisions.”

Support has also been provided for producing content focused on parliamentary matters, in particular through the creation of an interactive radio programme for talking with elected Jordanian politicians about the country’s current political matters. As a result, the Jordanian podcast platform Sowt was chosen to put together Parliament, a series consisting of 26 episodes covering elections, as well as social issues and current affairs.
The programme has run for four seasons, featuring live interviews with Members of Parliament on Facebook, in-depth reporting, vox pops and election debates. The format is suitable for a young audience, who can interact via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Through the testimonies, portraits of journalists and the human adventures of our series Aswat Jadida ("New Voices", in Arabic), discover ten years of support for media development in the Arab world.

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