2021 Activity Report

2021 Activity Report

May 16, 2022

In 2021, CFI carried out 35 projects in partnership with media outlets around the world, the purpose of which was to develop constructive journalism in the face of disinformation.

All over the world, journalists are working in increasingly challenging political and social environments. Wherever there is a rise in authoritarianism and illiberalism, an increase in information tampering and misinformation is sure to exist. The influence of media outlets committed to pluralistic and democratic reporting is increasingly coming under threat. Every year, CFI’s role therefore appears to be more crucial than ever before. The publication of its most recent annual activity report is an opportunity for the agency to revisit the highlights of its 2021 campaign.

Its work revolved around misinformation, the environment, gender equality and civic engagement 

In October 2021, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Thierry Vallat, Chair and Managing Director of CFI, signed the agency’s new performance contract for 2021-2023. This contract has consolidated CFI’s identity and standing as a leading operator in media development support and has helped four priority pillars of action to fully materialise:

  • addressing disinformation;
  • gender equality; 
  • environmental protection;
  • civic engagement and the promotion of democracy. 

Projects designed to deliver more accurate and reliable information

In 2021, CFI carried out 35 projects in around 20 countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab world and bordering the EU. In order to provide beneficiaries with long-lasting support, these projects are based on tangible actions such as journalist training, content production support and professional networking. 

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