Houleye Kane: a brave heart can accomplish anything

Houleye Kane, 39, is a journalist and activist working to support young people, and especially women, and is a warrior whose words and...


Aymen Goubaa: hunter of musical treasures

Officially, Aymen Goubaa is 37 years old; however, this Tunisian music and computer enthusiast still enjoys a good treasure hunt. He then...


Omayma Affes: green fingers, velvet glove

Omayma Affes, 26, from Tunisia, has been committed to protecting the environment and combating prejudice against women for a number of years...


Wafaa Maali: sweeping away prejudice

In the traditionally patriarchal society in the south of Tunisia, it seems that certain professions are reserved purely for men. Wafaa Maali...


Fadel Aljebali: building ourselves back up and rebuilding Libya

Media and architecture enthusiast, Fadel Aljebali, 38, is producing a series of videos aimed at encouraging young Libyans to take up manual...


Manar Sadki: intimate stories from the ladies

At 22, Moroccan film-maker Manar Sadki portrays intimate confidences shared by women in toilets. Her aim with these videos and podcasts is...


Adel Alimi: young people, a wall against disinformation

A media and information trainer and facilitator through and through, Tunisian Adel Alimi, 50, is producing videos with and for young people...


“Afri’kibaaru has worked as a catalyst, strengthening the role played by female journalists in Chad”

Néné Fatimé Brahim, a young female (video) journalist from Chad, has been working for TchadInfos, an Afri’kibaaru partner media outlet...


“Journalism can play a key role in promoting positive change”

Maïmouna Lo, a 43-year-old Mauritanian journalist, has worked for national television since 2007. She has just attended a cross-coaching...


Ukraine: Poignant testimonies of journalists in exile

A home from home: Ukrainian journalists in residence in Bucharest are made to feel at home as part of the Yak Vdoma project developed by CFI...

Oksana Gryshyna au téléphone

Oksana Gryshyna's optimistic approach to rebuilding Ukraine

Oksana Gryshyna looks at what citizens and authorities are doing to put Ukraine back on its feet and rebuild the country.

Konstiantyn Doroshenko

Konstiantyn Doroshenko, artist-in-resistance

The Yak Vdoma project's only male resident, art critic and curator Konstiantyn Doroshenko wants to write a book about Ukraine's artistic...

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Le ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères signe un nouveau contrat d’objectifs avec CFI, filiale de France Médias Monde

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs signs a new contract of agreed objectives with CFI, a subsidiary of France Médias Monde

Mrs. Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for Development and...

Un an après le Forum médias et développement 2023, qu’avons-nous appris ?

One year on from the 2023 Media and Development Forum, what have we learned?

It was just one year ago: on 11 July 2023, 300 journalists and media activists from 45 countries gathered in Paris for a unique opportunity...

France : les journalistes bénéficiaires du projet Voix en exil prennent leurs marques

France: journalists benefiting from the Voices in Exile project get their bearings

Coming together to support each other. More than a promise, a necessity: on 4 July, the 18 journalists taking part in the Voices in Exilepr...