Ksenia Kalieberda lit un livre

Ksenia Kalieberda: shellfire overhead and Kherson on her mind

Since the Russian invasion, Ksenia Kalieberda recounts the lives of the people of Kherson, and in particular those of her friends and family...


Olena Dyachuk, education in times of conflict

A journalist specialising in education issues, Olena Dyachuk observes the difficulties of a system stretched to breaking point by the war.

Taisia Bakharieva assise devant un micro

Taisia Bakharieva, a spokesperson for female war reporters

Taisia Bakharieva gives a voice to the Ukrainian women covering the war at the front.


Yana Skoryna, the war in Ukraine as seen from Romania

Yana Skoryna is the youngest member of the Yak Vdoma residence in Bucharest, where she seeks to use her experience in television to tell the...

des personnes discutent

Yulia Fumichova, drawing inspiration from women

Yulia Fumichova is forging links between Ukrainian women currently scattered around the country and across the whole of Europe.


Aminata Kane's passion and inquisitiveness pays off

French-speaking journalist Aminata Kane has made her mark and become editor-in-chief at TVM, Mauritania's number one public television...


Mohamed Saleh: a liaison between communities

Mohamed Saleh, 25 years old, based in Nouakchott, is a multi-talented journalist with Sahel TV. Calm, hard-working and a theatre and cinema...


Mehdi Cherif: science without conscience...

A brilliant student, Mehdi Cherif, 25, has chosen to share his knowledge and bring science to the masses.


Exploring the health benefits of dance with Hamdi Trabelsi

36-year old Hamdi Trabelsi, who is a qualified pharmacy technician, ultimately chose to pursue a career in dance, his childhood passion.


Three questions for Haidar Baghdadi: "I picked up a lot of my good practices during the project"

He sits in the front row, wearing his statement glasses and watching attentively, almost studiously, but a wry smile is never far away.


Three questions for Nada El Saleh: "Talking and speaking out on behalf of others"

She is the face of a series of online educational videos on TV reporting and the basics of journalism currently being produced by the France...

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Le ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères signe un nouveau contrat d’objectifs avec CFI, filiale de France Médias Monde

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs signs a new contract of agreed objectives with CFI, a subsidiary of France Médias Monde

Mrs. Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for Development and...

Un an après le Forum médias et développement 2023, qu’avons-nous appris ?

One year on from the 2023 Media and Development Forum, what have we learned?

It was just one year ago: on 11 July 2023, 300 journalists and media activists from 45 countries gathered in Paris for a unique opportunity...

France : les journalistes bénéficiaires du projet Voix en exil prennent leurs marques

France: journalists benefiting from the Voices in Exile project get their bearings

Coming together to support each other. More than a promise, a necessity: on 4 July, the 18 journalists taking part in the Voices in Exilepr...