What happened to Aché Adoum Attimer, the "StopBlabla" ambassador?

For the past seven years, the Chadian Aché Adoum Attimer has been Canal France International’s (CFI) beneficiary, co-trainer and project...


Fabrice Turri, a project coordinator in search of fresh air

Originally from France, journalist Fabrice Turri, 45, fell head over heels in love with Vietnam. As the regional coordinator of the new...


Media coverage of the Olympic Games without borders with Paris Médias 2024

This is one of this year's flagship projects: Paris Médias 2024, a project exclusively dedicated to covering the Paris Olympic and...


Tatine Faylona: shining a spotlight on big issues

Originally from Laguna, a province of the Philippines located on the main island of Luzon, south-east of the capital Manila, Tatine Faylona...


Makram Haddad: sport, the land of freedom

The Olympic flame continues its journey and has boarded the second-largest sailing vessel in France, the Belem, destination: Marseilles


Three questions for... Soulaimane Bakbach

A freelancer working for several media outlets and the Arabic-language Editor-in-Chief of Taja Sport, a platform that specialises in women’s...


Omar Chraibi, team spirit

Moroccan freelance sports journalist, Omar Chraibi, aged 31, struggled to carve out a place for himself in the profession. However, without...


Abou Dicko, an "open air" pilot

When Abou Dicko was a child, he dreamed of becoming an airline pilot. Now aged 40 and still just as passionate about travel and discovery...


Faten Abi Faraj, football boss

Faten Abi Faraj, Head of Media & Communication at the Lebanese Football Association (LFA) and a sports journalist at MBC, a major Arabic...


Youssef Chani, eternal flame

The Moroccan’s heart has been beating to the rhythm of sport since he was a child. A passion that, according to his family, will stay with...


Aladdin Elsgier, prince of e-commerce

Hailing from Libya's capital, Tripoli, 24-year-old Aladdin Elsgier is an ambitious young man. In his podcast, Tejara, he introduces...


Houleye Kane: a brave heart can accomplish anything

Houleye Kane, 39, is a journalist and activist working to support young people, and especially women, and is a warrior whose words and...

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France : les journalistes bénéficiaires du projet Voix en exil prennent leurs marques

France: journalists benefiting from the Voices in Exile project get their bearings

Coming together to support each other. More than a promise, a necessity: on 4 July, the 18 journalists taking part in the Voices in Exilepr...

Paris Médias 2024 : les journalistes se forment à la couverture imminente des Jeux Olympiques !

Paris Médias 2024: journalists train for the imminent coverage of the Olympic Games!

"We've never been so close!” In less than two weeks, the Olympic Games kick off in Paris. And, like the greatest athletes, the journalists...

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Northern Macedonia: how to teach French while supporting media education?

Under the leadership of the French Institute of Skopje, a large number of French teachers met in Struga (Northern Macedonia) for the 25th...