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RFI Clubs supporting young people in Chad

Chad has not escaped the scourge of misinformation and the spread of misleading information is polluting public debate and undermining social cohesion in the country. Launched in June 2022, the Desinfox Chad project aims to improve the skills of...


A forum for combating misinformation in Uzbekistan

In preparation for the Forum of Journalists of Central Asia, due to be held on 6 to 8 May 2024, CFI travelled to Tashkent from 11 to 14 March to take stock of the organisation of this large-scale event, which is set to attract close to 120...


One for all and all for one!

Intajat Jadida Intajat Jadida has given a lot of attention to female original content producers, but men are also taking on equality issues to fight against prejudice. Words from male and female content creators from Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and...

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Néné Fatimé Brahim

Néné Fatimé Brahim, a young female (video) journalist from Chad, has been working for TchadInfos.

Chadian society tends to minimise the role of women in general.

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Adel Alimi

A media and information trainer and facilitator through and through, Adel Alimi, 50, is producing videos with and for young people to combat superstition and disinformation.

Knowledge is more acceptable when it is given to young people by young people.

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Maïmouna Lo

Maïmouna Lo, a 43-year-old Mauritanian journalist, has worked for national television since 2007.

Working with journalists from another country was a valuable experience and offered new perspectives that deeply enriched our approach to solutions journalism.

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Recent information about projects in the field

desinfox jeunesse

Desinfox Youth

Combatting the spread of misinformation among young people in Africa


Yak Vdoma

Supporting Ukrainian local journalists to promote independent, safe and conflict-sensitive coverage of the war in Ukraine and the regional crisis

Terra Africa

Terra Africa

The media outlets working towards eco-responsible citizenship in West Africa

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CFI asserts its unwavering commitment to freedom of expression and the freedom of the media, as well as to the fundamental freedoms underpin the democratic balance of a society


CFI conducts all of its actions with a constant focus on sustainability


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