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Provide journalists from French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa with the technical and financial resources they need to cover the Paris 2024 Olympic Games from an African perspective 
Use sport to improve inclusivity for people with disabilities by supporting coverage of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games by journalists from the Arab world
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* The Olympic Games have very high international viewing figures, not only on television but on digital platforms as well. However, this must-see sporting event receives little coverage in the African media, due in particular to the high cost of broadcasting rights and difficulties in obtaining journalist accreditation.
* The Paralympic Games, meanwhile, are a unique opportunity to showcase diversity and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. But Paralympic sport is severely underrepresented in Arab media.

The Paris Médias 2024 project provides training for sports journalists from Africa and the Arab world on the coverage of high-level sporting events. Through the creation of two pop-up editorial offices in Paris, it supports the production of innovative content on the events of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sport and Olympism uphold universal values. The pop-up editorial offices of Paris Médias 2024 will contribute to providing access for the populations of Africa and the Arab world to coverage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games by journalists from their own countries.
Thierry Vallat,
Chair and Managing Director of CFI

Project beneficiaries

- 45 sports journalists from 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa
- 10 sports journalists from 3 countries in North Africa and the Middle East

Project manager
Sylvie ORIO

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CFI Paris Médias 2024


Consolidation of knowledge

E-learning (webinars)::
- On high-level sport and the Olympic Movement for journalists in sub-Saharan Africa;
- On the particular characteristics and rules of Paralympic disciplines for journalists in the Arab world.

Pre-Games training:
- For the 10 journalists from the Arab world, attendance at the Assises du Journalisme conference to be held from 25 to 28 March 2024 in Tours, France, on the theme of sports journalism;
- For 15 of the 45 journalists from sub-Saharan Africa (one per country), education on the organisation of the Paris 2024 Olympics in July 2024.

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Creation of pop-up editorial teams

• Creation of an African pop-up editorial team of 15 journalists in Paris during the Olympic Games, from 27 July to 11 August;
• Creation of an Arab pop-up editorial team of 10 journalists in Paris during the Paralympic Games, from 28 August to 8 September.
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Financial support for production

A grant of €2000 for each of the 10 journalists from the Arab world, helping them to produce editorial content ahead of and during the Paralympic Games.