Objectif Pub initiative

Objectif Pub initiative
Objectif Pub initiative


Give the channels the necessary skills to optimise their advertising revenue and ensure their viability in the long term
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Already facing competition from other advertising markets and from cable and satellite, African television channels will also have to deal with the transition to DTT at the end of 2015 and the prospect of increased competition in attracting advertising revenue.

Against this background, twenty channels in French-speaking Africa have been selected to submit an application under the Objectif Pub 2015 initiative. The three successful candidates, chosen on the basis of their potential and motivation, will receive support for their commercial development.

The aim is to put programmes back at the heart of the channel's strategy, and enable them to commercially exploit and maximise the potential of their programmes for profit. Over a period of 18 months, this personalised support plan focuses on constructing the programming schedule and the acquisition of content, as well as the organisation of advertising agencies and the role of audience research. It places particular emphasis on programme schedule strategies and the need to align them with marketing.

This three-stage plan has two objectives: to strengthen the channel with respect to competitors and increase advertising revenue.

It is important to meet up in order to upgrade the commercial appeal of the programmes.
Pierre-Paul Vander Sande, former director of France Télévisions Publicité International

Project beneficiaries

The programmes, marketing departments and the advertising agencies of three public and private television channels in French-speaking Africa

Project manager
Myriam Chevin

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Review of the fundamentals of programming and making schedules more profitable

Taking the form of a regional workshop, this training focuses on how to construct the TV schedule to increase profitability, and in particular on coordinating the relationship between the programmes department, marketing department and sales department.

A second session, dedicated exclusively to profitability, looks at the local advertising market and the organisation of advertising agencies.

At the end of this workshop, an improvement plan is drawn up and a system of remote monitoring put in place.

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Preparation for the implementation of the improvement plan

This second stage (in situ) focuses on the workings of the advertising agency:

  • Proposed organisational structure
  • Development of key processes
  • Proposed pricing and sales policy
  • Support for the establishment of this new organisation.


This last phase, also in situ, focuses on the development of the job roles and practices of employees of the advertising agency. It is divided into 4 sessions:

  • Agency marketing
  • Sales administration
  • Sales
  • Cross-relationships between team members.