To protect the freedom of the press in Myanmar and for the country's journalists in exile.
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The coup d’état of 1 February 2021 brought to an end a decade of democratisation in Myanmar. Since then, the country has been going through a political, security, economic, humanitarian and social crisis. The freedom of the press has been suspended due to the repression of the media and journalists by law enforcement. At the same time, the survival of the media outlets currently in exile is being called into question owing to the difficulties they face in restructuring their editorial strategy and ensuring their financial stability and that of their journalists.

Naye Thit ("new day" in Burmese) addresses the needs of Burmese journalists in exile, who are working in the production and dissemination of information regarding the situation in their country. It provides them with development and protection tools, financial organisational support and the opportunity to develop their skills in order to continue providing quality information and contributing to the return of democracy. It also supports Burmese civil society organisations in the development of "citizen journalism".

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Media and civil society organisation map

Map of Burmese media outlets and civil society organisations, in exile and in the country, working to produce information and document the situation and initiatives and networks in place to support them in Myanmar, Thailand and Europe (analysis of their needs and of the risks associated with the implementation of the project).

Support for the development of Burmese media outlets in exile in Thailand and Europe

-    Training managers in the editorial management and economic management of their media outlets;
-    Specialised training to meet the most urgent needs identified from the map (physical and digital security, journalistic ethics, psychosocial support, basics of journalism and journalistic narration and even combatting misinformation);
-    Grants to ensure the viability and application of the knowledge gained by the media outlets in exile. 

Support for the development of a community

Support for the development of a community formed of Burmese journalists, media outlets and civil society organisations, in the country and in exile, working together to provide information on the situation in Myanmar.