Comoros Citizens' Voices

Voix citoyennes Comores


To help promote public debate and democratic values in the Comoros through the media.
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Comorians are gearing up to elect the President of the Union of the Comoros and the Governors of the islands of Grande Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli in early 2024. Yet local media outlets are struggling to actively promote democratic debate within the archipelago due to internal administrative and economic setbacks.

Comoros Citizens' Voices promotes public debate, social cohesion and citizen engagement by supporting public and private media outlets in the Comoros, and especially ORTC (Office de radio et télévision des Comores). This project will enhance the editorial and technical skills within the teams and will help the media outlets develop their content and strategy so that they can continue to make their voices heard.

Project beneficiaries

- 40 journalists (radio, TV, digital media) and 20 technicians
- At least 4 Comorian digital media outlets (emerging outlets or traditional media organisations pivoting to digital).

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Comoros Citizens' Voices


Developing the skills of journalists and technicians

- Editorial training for journalists (radio, television and press) and technical training for radio and television technicians that covers interactivity (web, radio or TV) and the format for discussions;
- Pilot programme projects put forward by beneficiaries, some of which will receive grant funding;
- A focus group to assess the impact of and response to the pilot projects and a business meeting to explore new ways to promote inclusion and citizen engagement;
- ORTC funding so that it can upgrade some of its equipment.

Guiding digital media outlets towards a sustainable business model and content strategy

- Webinar training followed by in-person sessions covering the development of business models and editorial policies for digital media;
- Analysis of what is needed to strengthen digital media skills and infrastructure;
- Development of a digital strategy and distribution of grants to four digital media outlets to enable them to carry out their editorial and commercial projects.