Water in the media: how to humanize a problem that goes beyond borders?

July 24, 2020

This is not a scoop: Arab countries are the most exposed to the lack of water resources.

However, international organizations, NGOs and states continue to raise the alarm year after year.

Beyond the alarming figures, there are stories of suffering, demonstrations, wars, famine and migration already caused by drought.
How can we tackle a problem whose solutions are global and go beyond the states borders?
How can media tell the human side of this regional challenge?

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Larbi Bouguerra, ex-director of the National Institute of Technical and Scientific Research of Tunisia, and ex-director of research associate of CNRS, author of Battles of Water. For a Common good of Humanity.

Khaled Sulaiman, experienced Journalist in climate related challenges and author of Water Guards (Drought and Climate change in Iraq).

Aliaa Hamed, editor in chief of Nature magazine @NatureArabicEd, Arabic edition.


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