Training a new generation of photojournalists in Nigeria

Training a new generation of photojournalists in Nigeria

December 15, 2022

10 young photojournalists took part in a training workshop held in Kano from 4 to 11 December in order to prepare for the upcoming Nigerian presidential and legislative elections, which are scheduled for February 2023.

How can I archive photos?
Can I get accredited to cover the upcoming elections as a freelance photographer?
Should I risk my life to take photos that have the potential to reveal injustices or atrocities to the world?

These are just some of the questions asked by the 10 young Nigerians chosen to take part in the first photojournalism training programme organised by CFI. These young people from all over Nigeria, the most populous African country (with 210 million inhabitants), participated in the workshop in Kano, the capital of the Muslim-majority North and a city that was new to most of them.

For these few days, the participants were able to discuss not only photography techniques, but also the history of photojournalism in Africa and Nigeria and the ethics of photography with renowned African experts. One day of training, delivered by SOS International, was dedicated to safety and first aid so as to enable these young people to respond to emergencies in the field. The remaining three days took a more practical approach with each participant being tasked with producing a mini project associated with the upcoming elections.

Personalised support from photographers

This training workshop was organised in partnership with StoryMi Academy, a Lagos-based training school that was founded by French journalist Sophie Bouillon. The workshop marks the start of a six-month training programme. The programme aims to encourage the emergence of a new generation of photojournalists in Nigeria, in particular, by providing support to help them cover the general elections in February 2023, in the midst of a major economic, political and security crisis.

Following this first workshop, two renowned Nigerian photographers, Andrew Esiebo and Fati Abubakar, will provide personalised project support to each photojournalist. In May 2023, the 10 young photojournalists will reconvene in Lagos, a metropolis in southern Nigeria, for a second session focusing on the economics of photography: how do I sell a topic to an editor?
How do I present a portfolio?
How do I build my image? etc.
Their photographs will be showcased at the Alliance Française de Lagos [Lagos French Alliance] as part of the project's closing night.