Three editorial projects inspired by “Pas2Quartier” will soon see the light of day in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

June 9, 2021

The teams behind “Kiogo-kiogo” in Burkina Faso, “An ga ta” in Mali and “Ça pique” in Niger met in Ouagadougou from 17 to 29 May 2021 to add the final touches to their projects aimed at young people in the Sahel region. They will receive support over the next two years to produce and broadcast their programmes.

This new training session led by Ségolène Malterre from France 24 and Inoussa Maïga from Agribusiness TV allowed the three teams to fine-tune their projects. Various topics were covered over the two weeks, including how to implement a social media strategy, add a personal touch to a video project’s visual and audio components and edit a video aimed at young people, as well as filming and graphic design.

Outdoor training activity – May 2021 – ©CFI


Inspired by Pas2Quartier, a programme broadcast by France 24, these programmes are targeted at young Sahelian people and aim to involve them in the content produced. “Kiogo-kiogo” from Burkina Faso, which is broadcast by ToutInfo, aims to give young “go-getters” a voice and show that there is no single path to success. Twice a month, the Web TV channel Etrane TV showcases an artist of the moment via the entertainment programme “Ça pique” by asking them questions others don’t dare to ask. And in Mali, Benbere’s “An ga ta” will follow a young person who will present their neighbourhood and tell their story.


Filming “An ga ta” from Mali – May 2021 - ©Ségolène Malterre


The workshops which focussed on video editing and defining a social media strategy were the most appreciated: “I was interested to hear about how we need to use infographics to make our videos more dynamic and, as a result, more engaging. The “young person’s” approach to social media strategy also caught my attention. It will now be a case of involving young people more in identifying our contacts which will be possible notably through their social media engagement”, says one participant.

Equipped with the necessary resources and training, the teams say they are ready to broadcast their programmes on social media from July 2021.

Filming “Kiogo-kiogo” from Burkina Faso – May 2021 - ©Ségolène Malterre