A Syrian journalist from Qudra 2 awarded for his work

A Syrian journalist from Qudra 2 awarded for his work

February 6, 2023

Agyad Abu Zayed, a 34 year old Syrian journalist, won the 5th place for the Best Report by the Tamkeen Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights. The award was handed in December 2022 in Amman, Jordan.

The Amman Net journalist won the award for his report “Syrians in random camps: an assassination of childhood in a dangerous work environment", which was produced with the support of CFI within the framework of the Qudra 2 Project. Abu Zayed is one of the many journalists who have been trained and supported to produce articles and reports regarding refugees and vulnerable communities, with the aim to provide accurate and reliable information and to strengthen social cohesion.

The winning report sheds light on children living in random illegal camps who work in dangerous sectors, in violation of their rights. Agyad Abu Zayed has participated in the three CFI workshops on “Social Cohesion through Human Interest Stories” and “Fact-checking”, and has received support for the production of several articles.

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