Radio Rozana Journalists Training at the Syrian Media Incubator

December 5, 2014

From 5 to 15 December, fourteen young field journalists from Syria who work for Radio Rozana will be taking part in a training course focusing on producing news programmes for the radio and the Internet.

The course will be held in the Syrian Media Incubator, which CFI opened a few months ago in Turkey.

These citizen-journalists live and work both in the areas controlled by President Bashar Al-Assad's troops, and in the regions that have been taken over by opposition forces. This training course aims to strengthen their professional skills so that they can provide better coverage of events taking place in their local region.

The course will focus on the precision and credibility, neutrality, speed and relevance of the participants' work, and how they write it up and edit it.
The team from Radio Rozana will also study the interactions that take place between the presenters and the reporters who are on site in Syria, and will discuss how news is processed, presented and utilised on the radio, the Internet and social networks. In addition, the journalists will work on broadening the scope of the stories they cover in order to better reflect the diversity of Syrian society.

The psycho-social assistance part of the training course will be led by Aya Mhanna (Lebanon), the part on photojournalism-related content will be led by Ammar Abd Rabbo (France), and the part on radio and Internet news production will be led by Mohamed Al Hani (Tunisia).