#PAGOF: data journalism workshops in Tunisia

#PAGOF: data journalism workshops in Tunisia

The first initiatives are now underway following the official launch of the project in Tunis.

How do you launch a project, adapt editorial practices and comply with important safety rules? From 25 to 30 June, twelve people drawn from civil society and the media were able to improve their mastery of basic data journalism techniques. Organised by CFI, the workshop was led by an expert in data journalism and two trainers from the Tunisian association Al Khatt. By the end of the programme, which includes three training sessions, the participants will have produced at least one published or online editorial piece.

Meanwhile, Expertise France, a partner of the project, recently launched a first initiative by involving two experts fromEtalab (the French government agency responsible for open government policy and public data sharing) and OpenCitiz (a consultancy specialising in urban innovation, connected territories and smart cities) from 25 to 27 June with the aim of supporting public administrations (CFAD, Tunisia's Centre for Training and Decentralisation Development, and the Ministry of Local Affairs) in developing a practical guide to open government principles designed to raise awareness among local elected officials and administrative officers working in local authorities (commitment 4 of the Tunisian OGP National Action Plan).
These joint efforts are expected to lead to the publication of the guide in late September, and then to open government awareness-raising initiatives in local authorities.

The aim of the Project for Promoting Open Governments in the Francophone World (#PAGOF) is to support stakeholders and reforms in Burkina Faso, Tunisia and Côte d'Ivoire, and also in recently acceded countries (Morocco) and countries that have almost met the eligibility criteria (foremost among them Guinea and Senegal), in defining and implementing priority actions. It also aims to provide information and support in countries that are close to being eligible to join (Benin, Haiti, Mauritius, Madagascar, etc.) and to promote exchanges between these stakeholders.

A regional conference to be held in Tunis on 22 and 23 November 2018 will bring together the French-speaking African member states of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and those aspiring to join it, the aim being to spread good practice in the area of open government.

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