Meeting between journalists and African delegations in Bucharest

Meeting between journalists and African delegations in Bucharest

On 4 July 2023, at the request of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Yak Vdoma residence welcomed a delegation of high-level experts in charge of strategic communication in public institutions and journalists from several African countries.

The majority of the members of this delegation came from English-speaking African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritania, South Africa, Senegal, Angola, Ethiopia, Namibia, Ghana and Nigeria). The Romanian government invited them to take part in a week-long seminar in Bucharest.

These communication experts and journalists were able to interact with the beneficiaries of the Yak Vdoma programme and journalists from RFI Ukraine. The coordinators of the Bucharest “hub” provided the invitees with a presentation of the opportunities that this programme offers to Ukrainian journalists and how it contributes, from outside Ukraine, to the continued development of the press in their country and to the fight against propaganda and disinformation.

The meeting included a discussion on the resilience of Ukrainian society, the situation of the independent press in Ukraine and its ability to resist war, existing forms of support for journalists (both social and psychological), and the state of mind in which Ukrainian society and refugee communities find themselves. Experts and journalists from African countries shared their experiences with journalists from Romania and Ukraine and expressed their desire to develop partnerships, with the inclusion in local publications of Ukrainian output and publications.

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