MediaSahel for Women sees women grow in confidence and determination

MediaSahel for Women sees women grow in confidence and determination

Women make up over 90% of the members of the Union nationale des Mini-laiteries et des Producteurs de Lait local du Burkina Faso (National Association of Mini-dairies and Local Milk Producers in Burkina Faso, UMPLB). MediaSahel for Women offered to partner with the organisation in order to give some of its members the chance to attend personal development sessions and consultation workshops.

The personal development sessions had a significant impact on Awa Ouédraogo, a UMPLB member. She grew in confidence, improved her self-esteem and became more at ease with public speaking. She learnt how to express herself without feeling afraid or ashamed and how to defend her ideas in front of those who previously intimidated her, particularly men.

Women who work in CSOs and media outlets and who face discrimination as a result of their status benefited from training sessions aimed at ensuring their full and effective involvement in their organisations and bolstering their leadership skills. "In the past, women didn't get public speaking opportunities. Even if they had brilliant ideas, they were reluctant to share them;" explains Esther Kaboré, the organisation's Communication Manager. MediaSahel for Women played an essential role in changing these perceptions and boosting the skills of women within CSOs. 

We are now comfortable with public speaking and able to express our ideas
Esther Kaboré, Communication Manager


A future with greater equality for women

As a project partner, the UMPLB also helped to research topics for the Jeunes Wakat pour Elles (Youth Time for Women) programmes. The second consultation workshop identified the topics of entrepreneurship and dairy processing. The organisation, which promotes dairy products, hopes to encourage young people to get involved in activities that generate revenue and use local resources. "Some of our members' children show real interest in what we do. Taking part in Jeunes Wakat pour Elles allows us to share our experience with other young people," emphasises Esther Kaboré.

The UMPLB, which is present in all regions of Burkina Faso, is facing a security crisis because the majority of its producers are located in "sensitive" areas. Each year, the organisation hosts a major event "72h du lait local [72 hours of local milk]" to showcase the work of its members.

Thanks to the support of MediaSahel for Women, women who have grown in confidence and determination are taking a stand to ensure their voices are heard. These initiatives aim to create a future for women in the Sahel that offers greater equality and prosperity.

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