MédiaSahel launches its cycle of training courses on interactive programmes for its 72 partner radio stations

February 12, 2021

This Monday, 15 February, MédiaSahel is launching a cycle of training courses for its 72 partner radio stations on producing and hosting interactive programmes and promoting them on social media. This cycle, which is being launched in Mali and Burkina Faso at the same time, will be extended to Niger from March, and will take place over three months.

The cycle is composed of six two-week training courses organised in each of the three countries. It is an opportunity for MédiaSahel’s partner radio stations to acquire the expertise necessary to prepare and host programmes inviting their listeners onto the air, in the studio, via phone or social media. This scheme, which supplements the training courses on the basics of journalism held in 2020, aims to equip the radio stations with the tools to produce reliable, interactive, appealing and digital content and, above all, promote the participation of young people in the public debate, in various ways, including via social media. Siaka Z Traoré, a trainer in Mali, believes that this training series will bring about a change in the way programmes on partner radio stations are hosted.
The journalists and people in charge of hosting the programmes are already producing interactive programmes, but in most cases without preparation, and this is a problem. It goes without saying that they are not always successful at navigating the hazards of live broadcasting, especially during unscripted interactive programmes.

Together, the eight journalists invited to each training session will explore the different interactive programme formats before hosting the technicians from their radio stations during the second week. Attending this course will help them to transition more easily from theory to practice and to produce ready-to-broadcast programmes.

At the end of the cycle, 216 professionals (hosts, journalists and technicians) from 72 MédiaSahel partner radio stations will have received training in producing and hosting interactive programmes.