A fifth incubator session for the D-Jil winners

December 14, 2021

From 22 to 25 November 2021, the 18 project leaders received support in multiple areas, to enhance their activities and enrich their content.

This session, which was held online, drew on lessons learned from the previous incubator sessions to address the specific issues and concerns of the projects receiving support. Several personalised coaching sessions were organised, with local and international experts, on various topics:

• Editorial line, content creation and online media management (Malek Khadhraoui d'Inkyfada/Al Khatt);

• Communication and digital marketing (David Rofé);

• IT (Colin Verot);

• Digital and physical security (Zied Dabbar).

Une cinquième session d’incubation pour les lauréats de D-Jil

This meeting was also an opportunity to evaluate the results of the projects, to discuss the difficulties encountered and to share good practices. Discussion sessions were also organised between the project leaders and the respective partners – SKF (Samir Kassir Foundation) and FMAS (Forum des alternatives Maroc) – on the results of the content monitoring and the conclusions of the study on the digital presence of the projects supported by D-Jil.

The meeting was managed by Dounia Nouar, a journalist with France 24.

Co-financed by the European Union and supported by CFI, in partnership with Samir Kassir FoundationFMAS and ERIM (formerly IREX Europe), the D-JIL project aims to foster active citizenship and autonomy in young people in nine Arab countries by using online media as a vehicle.

Une cinquième session d’incubation pour les lauréats de D-Jil