Female Chadian experts in front of the camera

Female Chadian experts in front of the camera

December 2, 2022

They are a paediatrician, an oncologist, an entrepreneur, an actress, a lawyer and an engineer. These women met for the first time in mid-November in N’Djamena to participate in media training. Objective: to learn to speak to journalists so as to share their expertise in the media.

Media training is learning how to behave when faced with the media: learning how to talk to journalists, how to be interviewed, how to participate in a programme or a debate, how to be a successful speaker, etc.
It is generally aimed at managers, speakers or public relations managers; however, anybody can benefit from media training as it imparts specific keys to public speaking, improvisation and behaviour in front of the camera, explains Sophie Ekoué, journalist, media specialist and trainer for CFI.

More female experts on the air

This training enhances female experts’ skills in speaking to the media and facilitates the visibility of women in the media. It is part of the Afri’Kibaaru project, which contributes to the enrichment of information on sustainable development in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mauritania, Chad, Mali and Niger.
The same type of training has recently been carried out in Dakar, Senegal, and will take place in Mauritania in the coming months.

Bond of sisterhood

During the three days of training, these women forged bonds of trust and established a rapport. They now keep in touch via WhatsApp and, in particular, share opportunities to speak in the media. At project level, an online platform dedicated to female experts in the Sahel and their expertise will be launched in 2023.
This tool will provide a pool of skills from which female journalists from Sahel media outlets will be able to select profiles to invite female experts to speak on the platforms.


I am a lawyer at the Chad Bar Association and a writer. I lobby extensively against violence committed against women and girls. I am a human rights activist. This training gave me more knowledge with which to structure my interventions in the context of my activities and will help me to improve the way in which I speak to the media, confirms Clarisse Nomaye.