Female Chadian experts on camera: taking stock one year later

Female Chadian experts on camera: taking stock one year later

In late 2022, ten female Chadian experts gathered in N'Djamena for the first time to receive media training. One year later, three of them give a first assessment of the benefits of their training.

Have you been approached by media outlets to take part in a programme or a production?
Epiphanie Dionrang
: I've been approached several times by media outlets to talk about violence against women and female leadership. It's always been a pleasure to share my experiences with the things I'm passionate about, and it's also good to shed light on the lives of Chadian women.
Adoum Aicha : I've spoken about an issue concerning misinformation. It was fascinating because the programme was based on facts and specific examples. I also did a live segment during a meeting with the Prime Minister.
Zahra Abakar : I gave a speech at the end of the national validation workshops on follow-up reports regarding the implementation of international agendas, explaining the merit of the activities and the different steps involved.

How do you think your media appearances have improved? And what would you still like to improve?
: I have more self-confidence and less fear and stress when speaking. I'd like to breathe more and round off my thoughts during interviews.
AA : There's been a marked improvement, I breathe well and pause briefly before speaking. I especially try to speak slowly and articulate. That said, I still panic at the start and struggle with reading speeches. I like to improvise and focus on the key points.
ZA : My appearance is neater and I have more expertise in my subject. I need to manage my stress better, though.

At the end of the year, these Chadian women will be invited to further enhance their media training and skills at another workshop with a focus on their desired improvements, where they'll meet their counterparts from Senegal and Mauritania.

EEpiphanie Dionrang, slam poet, president of the Ligue tchadienne des droits des femmes (Chadian league of women's rights) and currently in charge of communications for an organisation fighting violence against women.
Aicha Adoum Abdoulaye, telecommunications engineer and specialist in the field of digital awareness.
Zahra Abakar Souleymane, urban planning engineer and specialist in local development.


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