Encouraging media literacy among young people

Encouraging media literacy among young people

Media literacy plays a key role in educating and informing young people, who are exposed to a wealth of information on social media. A media and information literacy workshop – led by Michèle Abe and Nicholine Musi from the Fondation Conseil Jeune – was offered to eight young members of civil society from north-west Cameroon in late June.

It aimed to develop critical understanding of the media among young people, and to teach them the skills needed to navigate and interact with different forms of media in a responsible manner. The workshop covered a diverse range of topics, such as fact checking, being able to tell which information is real or false, and the responsible use of social media.

"The media is one of the most powerful entities in the world. An understanding of media and information literacy is key to the effective functioning of social media and to the participation of well-informed citizens in society."
Pechuqui Laurata, documentary producer

The ultimate goal is to empower young people by equipping them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in a complex media world. We want to boost their critical skills and their ability to analyse the information given to them and therefore ensure that they can more effectively play an active role in the democratic life of their community.

The workshop participants understood the assignment. Abdul Aziz, member of a youth leadership NGO, explained that it is important to "check two or three sources before sharing any information". It is also essential that you "check the motive behind each message before sharing it with someone else," added blogger Patience Tantan.

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